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Effective 1st February, the Kenyan NPPO (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service) will introduce a new Phytosanitary Certificate with enhanced features.

The Phytosanitary Certificate complies with the template of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the provisions of ISPM 12.

The new look Phytosanitary shall have the following features:-

    1. Novellenumbering numericals all over and around serial so that it is difficult to edit or change
  1. Silver Foiling Special holographic foil incorporated with KEPHIS logo if scanned will appear dull and faded
  2. Watermarked/Light KEPHIS logo on both edges of the certificate that are visible when raised up.
  3. Bar code will have the following information. i. KEPHIS ii. CERT iii. Serial number
  4. KEPHIS logo Guilloche lines that are never ending to create the logo at the four corners of the paper
  5. COPY VOID: Grey line at the bottom of the certificate which when scanned or photocopied the words VOID appears.

A copy of the certificate is uploaded on the IPPC website for reference

All trading partners are requested to take note of this & Also note old certificate will continue being used along the new one until end of February when it will will be withdrawn completely.

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Dr. Esther KIMANI Ag. Managing Director KENYA PLANT HEALTH INSPECTORATE SERVICE P.O. BOX 49592-00100, NAIROBI, Kenya Phone: +254 20 3536 171/172 ; +709 891 000; Mobile: +722 226 239 Fax: +254 20 353 6175 Email: Alternate Email: Preferred languages: English Website:
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