Occurrence of Banana Bunch Top Disease (BBTV) in Mozambique

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Wed, 21 Dec 2016, 15:02
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Dec. 22, 2016, 10:16 a.m.
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Banana bunchy top virus - (BBTV00)
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The BBTV virus is a specific pathogen and only infects bananas, plantains, and banana-like plants such as Strelitzia and Helliconia (Robinson, 2015)
Pest Status
  • Present: only in some areas
Geographical Distribution
The banana bunch top virus is occurring in two districts of Gaza province, Southern Mozambique. The NPPO of Mozambique needs to conduct a national wide survey in all banana growing areas, to confirm the presence or absence of this disease in these areas.

Banana Bunch Top Virus (BBTV) is the most serious disease on banana and causes devastating losses on banana in areas where it occurs. The losses estimated in 100% if control measures a not implemented in infected areas. The earliest symptom of BBTV is a series of dark green lines on the otherwise pale green underside of the leaf petiole where it branches away from the pseudostem. These lines often show a “dot-dash” symptom like Morse code. The best leaf to identify this specific symptom is the second youngest leaf, but at a very early stage of infection, the symptom is indistinct. Banana bunchy top virus is spread between banana plants by the banana aphid (Pentalonia nigronervosa). It is spread over longer distances by the movement of infected planting material. In Mozambique the disease was first official reported in June 2016, in a commercial farm located in Guija District and in a small farm in Chokwe District, Gaza Province, southern Mozambique, after the surveillance conducted in all this province. The total area in production is 309 ha but only 0,2 % are infected in private sector and about 10 ha are infected in Smallholder farmers. After the report of the disease the NPPO of Mozambique together with South African scientists visited the infested plantation where samples from both plantation were collected for diagnostic at ARC-Tropical and Subtropical Crops laboratory in South Africa. After confirmation the Mozambique NPPO in collaboration with banana disease specialist from South Africa, trained technicians and extension officers, employees, small holder farmers and households on the disease identification and management. Awareness material was produced to sensitize the banana growers and public in general, in the impact of the disease. The NPPO developed the phytosanitary measures to be implemented for all growers in the affected areas, consisting on controlling the aphid (vectors) and destroying the infected plants.

The BBTV disease is a quarantine pest and it represent serious danger for banana plantation in Mozambique as well as for neighboring countries due to its impact on banana production. The NPPO of Mozambique is engaged to organize awareness campaigns at all level of banana producers in order to stop the spread of the BBTV within the country and to neighboring countries where it is not yet identified. There is a need to conduct survey in all Banana plantation in the country for mapping the disease in order to better manage the pest.
Contact for info
Serafina Mangana Head of Plant protection Department of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and IPPC contact point DSV- Recinto do IIAM- Av. das FPLM; CP 3658 Maputo Mozambique Email: [email protected] Tel: +258 21 460591 Cell: +258 849115729. Antonia Vaz Plant protection Section under the Plant Protection Department DSV- Recinto do IIAM- Av. das FPLM; CP 3658 Maputo Mozambique Email: [email protected] Tel: +258 21 460591 Custodio Mendes Email: [email protected]
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Viruses/virus like organisms
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Bananas, incl. plantains, fresh or dried

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