Mozambique new import permit and updated stamp; Phytosanitary certificate

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Under the seed circulation harmonization procedures ongoing in the SADC region the Mozambique Plant Protection Organization is notifying the attached new import permit. The new import permit will enter into force in April 1st , 2019.

The Mozambique NPPO is also notifying the new stamp in use for physanitary documents.

The phytosanitary certificate and the reexport certificate will remain those already notified previously.

The changes of the import permit aims to accommodate the new requirements on seed circulation regarding the phytosanitary and quarantine measures in the SADC region.

Contact for Info
Armando Marcos Come- The head of the Plant Quarantine division Cel: +258844968334 Antonia Vaz (NPPO) Departamento de Sanidade Vegetal, Recinto do IIAM; AV. das FPLM; CP: 3658; Maputo-Mozambique Mozambique
Report files
PDF File-Certificate
PDF File-Reexport Certificate
PDF File- New import permit
PDF File- New Stamp

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