Mozambique new import permit and updated stamp; Phytosanitary certificate

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Due to the new organization chart in force at the Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development (MADER) of Mozambique, the NPPO is inserted in a new Directorate called the National Directorate of Agricultural Health and Biosafety (DNSAB) so the NPPO of Mozambique notifies to all trading partners of the new formats of Phytosanitary Certificate, Re-export Certificate, Import permit, application forms for phytosanitary certificate and for import permit and the list of authorized signatures.

The stamp will remain the same as it is in use until the new one is notified soon

The notified documents will enter in to force on November, 20th 2020

Contact for Info
Armando Marcos Come- The head of the Plant Quarantine division [email protected] Cel: +258844968334 Antónia Vaz (NPPO) Departamento de Sanidade Vegetal-Direção Nacional de Sanidade Agropecuária e Biossegurança (DNSAB), Edifício do MADER; Av. Acordos de Lusaka nr 1406; Praça dos Heróis Moçambicanos; Maputo-Mozambique; Email: [email protected]
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Report files
PDF File-Certificate
PDF File-Reexport Certificate
PDF File- New import permit
PDF File- New Stamp
List of Authorized signatures
Form for Import Permit
Form for PC

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