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Pest Reports Bulletin: January 2020

Please find below the complete list of new or updated Pest Reports submitted by countries in January 2020

Title Published Updated Country
Primer informe oficial de Polygonum lapathifolium new
Pest identity:Polygonum lapathifolium - (POLLA)
09 Jan 2020 09 Jan 2020 Nicaragua
Absence of Queensland fruit fly Bactrocera tryoni is confirmed in New Zealand new
Pest identity:Bactrocera tryoni - (DACUTR)
31 Jan 2020 31 Jan 2020 New Zealand
Absence of Bactrocera facialis in New Zealand is confirmed new
Pest identity:Bactrocera facialis - (BCTRFA)
31 Jan 2020 31 Jan 2020 New Zealand