Measures against Grapevine Flavescence dorée phytoplasma and its vector

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Grapevine Flavescence dorée phytoplasma (FDp) is regulated in Annex IIAII (d).6 of Directive 2000/29/EC on plants of Vitis L. (other than fruit and seeds). FDp is restricted to two taxonomic subgroups 16SrV-C and 16SrV-D phytoplasmas, which are transmitted by the grapevine leafhopper Scaphoideus titanus. Host plants are cultivated and wild species of the genus Vitis, including their interspecific hybrids used as rootstocks. Wild Vitis sp. and hybrids remain symptomless upon infection. Alders (Alnus glutinosa), Clematis (C. vitalba) and Ailanthus (Ailanthus altissima) are known to be symptomless carriers of FDp in Europe, with regular high incidence of infections. Scaphoideus titanus is an invasive leafhopper that was introduced from North America to Europe (France). It has been spreading from France to the rest of Europe and is known to be present in Slovenia for last 10 years. Its population is growng also in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria (North), Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro and Spain. S. titanus is strictly associated with Vitis sp., mainly V. vinifera, V. labrusca and V. riparia. In vine growing areas of these countries, where FDp and S. titanus are associated, high impacts are possible, such as yield reduction, death of plants, as well as costs for disease- and vector management.

In Slovenia measures against both, FDp and its vector, are obligatory: - monitoring of vector by hanging yellow sticky traps in the vineyards; - compulsory insecticide application in commercial vineyards and nurseries; - control of the vector in amenity plants (vine arbours and hedges); - roguing out of symptomatic plants (even the whole vineyard when infection rate exceed 20-30 % of the plants with visible symptoms) - removal of abandoned vineyards and wild Vitis plants; - Regular testing in nurseries; - Hot-water treatment of rootstocks, scions or grafted cuttings if endangered by nearby infection.

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Measures against vector Scaphoideus titanus