Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) in Slovenia

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With the day of accession of the Republic of Slovenia to the European Union only the points of entry provided for with the agreement establishing the membership of the Republic of Slovenia in the European Union shall be deemed to be points of entry where phytosanitary inspections are carried out. Consignments of plants, plant products and regulated articles, laid down in Annex V.B of Directive 2000/29/EC, which are liable to phytosanitary inspection, may be imported exclusively through the points of entry in the following cities: railway transport - Dobova; road transport - Gruskovje, Jelsane and Obrezje; sea transport - Koper; air transport - Airport Ljubljana - Brnik; postal consignments - Ljubljana.

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Phytosanitary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia Dunajska cesta 22 SI-1000 Ljubljana Slovenia [email protected]
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