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The EU border inspection points in Slovenia

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After 1 April 2013 the EU external border was moved from south-east Slovenian state border to Croatian south-east border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. The following EU border inspection points for phytosanitary and veterinary control in Slovenia ceased to exist: - Jelšane (road), - Obrežje (road)/Dobova (railway) and - Gruškovje (road). At the above mentioned inspection posts only food safety control and customs release to the EU free market have been maintained for consignments of plant origin in internal EU transit. In Slovenia import consignments of plants, plant products, live animals and animal products are under the official control of Inspection for food safety, veterinary sector and plant protection at the following EU Border Inspection Points: - Port Koper (sea shipments) - Ljubljana Brnik (air shipments) - Ljubljana (mail shipments). The inspection procedure starts on request of registered importer or his shipment agent in Slovenia. Details can be found at official web page and via the IPPC contact point.

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