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Information leaflet Nr. 1 (under revision)

Reporting Obligation
  • List of Regulated Pests
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The data sheet includes all commodities which are subjected to phytosanitary import requirements. It is only available in the languages German, French and Italian. The information about the general (commodity group related) and specific (species related) import requirements are given in Englishin. The importation of the commodities listed in Annex 1 of the data sheet is only possible, if a Phytosanitary certificate (PC) accompanies the consignment. Commodities, whith special import requirements, need the indication of the respective Additional declarations (AD) on the PC. The respective ADs are listed in Annex1 of the data sheet below the commodity.

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Report files
Merkblatt Nr. 1_22.1
Notice n°1_22.01
Promemoria n.1_22.01

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