Ordinance of the EAER and DETEC to the ordinance on plant health

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The ordinance of the EAER and DETEC to the ordinance on plant plant health contains specifications for the implementation of the new plant health regime, which enterd into force on the 01.01.2020. Namely - List of quarantine organisms (annex 1) - Protected zones and quarantine organisms of concern (annex 2) - List of plants which are not allowed being commercial treded if infested with specific regulated non quaratine pests (RNQP) (Annex 3). - Measures against regulated non RNQPs on specific plants for planting (Annex 4). - List of commodities which are prohibited being imported from third countries (Annex 5) - List of Commodities requirering a Phytosanitary certificate when imported from third countries (Annex 6) - Specific requirements of commodities imported from third countries (Annex 7) - Seeds and other commodities requiring a plant passport when imported from EU countries (Annex 8) - Protected zones, requirements and commodities of concern (Annex 9) - Model of Plant passport (Annex 10) - Plants for which the Tracability code is required ( Annex 11) - Specifique requirements that a plant passport can be issued (Annex 12)

Report files
Verordnung des WBF und des UVEK zur Pflanzengesundheitsverordnung (PGesv-WBF-UVEK)
Ordonnance du DEFR et du DETEC relative à l’ordonnance sur la santé des végétaux (OSaVé-DEFR-DETC)
Ordinanza del DEFR e del DATEC concernente l’ordinanza sulla salute dei vegetali

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