Report of Cylas formicarius in Trinidad and Tobago

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Wed, 18 Nov 2015, 14:13
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Nov. 18, 2015, 2:13 p.m.
Report Number
Trinidad and Tobago
Pest Id
Cylas formicarius - (CYLAFO)
Report Status
Plants off ipomeoa family especially Ipomeoa batatas.
Pest Status
  • Present: only in some areas
  • Present: subject to official control
Geographical Distribution
Present in 3 areas in the Caroni County.

Suspected specimens of Cylas formicarius were discovered in Trinidad on May 27, 2015 in the Caroni County, off Perseverance Road in Chaguanas. Official diagnosis was completed via the Caribbean Pest Diagnostic Network (CPDN) by Dr. Lyle Buss of the University of Florida June 1, 2015. Surveillance activities using imported sex pheromones lures revealed a distribution limited to three areas within one county. Damage on infested farms were high. An investigative team was convened and the following action was initiated :- - Continued distribution mapping of infested sites - Pheromone mass trapping exercise on the most affected farmers - Public Awareness exercises - Enactment of legislation for Notifiable Pest status - Integrated Pest Management trials being developed

Damage can range from 5 to 80%, which increases with the duration of unharvested storage roots. The pest is a major Invasive Alien Species (IAS) and is of high priority on the list for pests of plant quarantine importance. The pest prevalence is high within the major sweet potato commercial farms.
Contact for info
Mr. Allan Balfour Central Experiment Station Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries [email protected] 1-868- 646- 4335-7
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