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UK Implementation of ISPM 15

Publication date
Country implemented ISPM 15 for imports
  • Yes
Implementation version
  • 2009
Country implemented ISPM 15 for exports
  • Yes
Implementation version
Description of the mark
  1. The IPPC logo is present to the left of the other components and is surrounded by a border. The logo may be placed on its side for narrow faces. The other components are present to the right of the IPPC and are also surrounded by adjoining border. They include on one line the 2-digit ISO Country Code ^^GB^^ followed by a mandatory hyphen and then the unique producer registration code which is prefixed by the letters^^ FC^^ and can includes the following examples FC0001, FC001, FC01 or FC 1as appropraite, since the leading zeros do not need to be added. On the line below and directly underneath the ISO Country Code the treatment code is inserted. The treatment code must appear on a separate line from the country and producer codes, or it must be seperated by a hyphen if present on the same line. The mark may be rectangular or square in shape.
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