Expert Working Group (EWG) on Audit in the phytosanitary context (2015-014)

Starts 03-06-2019

Ends 07-06-2019


Expert working group to draft an ISPM on Audit in the phytosanitary context.

Reason for the standard:
National plant protection organizations (NPPOs) are increasingly using audits in the phytosanitary context to identify weaknesses and nonconformities and to establish or recommend corrective mechanisms. Audits are referenced in many adopted ISPMs, and proposed as an element of several standards currently in the IPPC work plan (e.g. Specification 65 (Authorization of entities to perform phytosanitary actions (2014-002)). However, there is no standard that provides guidance to NPPOs specifically on conducting audits in the phytosanitary context. This proposed standard aims to secure a common approach to audits in the phytosanitary context, which will increase trust and understanding among contracting parties.

Scope: The standard will describe the essential elements of uses of audit that focus on the implementation of phytosanitary measures, including audits of entities in the exporting country conducted by the NPPO of the exporting country, audits of the phytosanitary certification system carried out by the NPPO of the importing country in the exporting country, and audits of entities other than NPPOs who are authorized to perform phytosanitary actions. The standard will describe separately the elements needed for the different type of audits.

Purpose: The standard will provide guidance to NPPOs on the conduct of audits in the phytosanitary context. It will enable a common understanding of the term “audit” and the responsibilities of NPPOs, auditors and those audited, and it will provide procedures for planning and conducting audits.

Category Standard setting

Type Expert Working Group

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