Brainstorming Session on ePhyto Sustainability

Starts 24-11-2020

Ends 24-11-2020


The IPPC will be hosting a 90-minute brainstorming on sustainability options for the IPPC ePhyto Solution session on Tuesday, November 24 at 2100 (9:00PM) Central European Time. The intent is to gather any additional options for consideration for long-term financial sustainability and to establish a small (no more than 4 persons) working group to draft a proposal for financial sustainability, if possible for CPM-15, or for CPM Bureau consideration in June 2021. Moderating the session will be Mr. Peter Thomson, CPM Bureau member for the Southwest Pacific, Mr. Christian Dellis, Chair of the ePhyto Steering Group and Mr. Craig Fedchock, Director of the IPPC ePhyto Solution Program.

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Location Virtual Meeting

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