Organizations with a webpage on the IPP

Each organization that the IPPC Secretariat has established a relationship with is invited to create a web page:

  • describing their organization
  • outlining the shared mandate with the IPPC
  • providing a contact point and contact details and
  • providing a link to their organization's website

The contact point is able to post relevant documents on this webpage.

Those organizations that do have an establihed relationship with the IPPC Secretariat who wish to establish such a relationship should submit a written request to the IPPC Secretariat ([email protected]). In your request please outline points listed above and provide some background documentation on your organization (Charter, Terms of Reference, website etc.). This request will be submitted to the CPM Bureau for consideration with input from the IPPC Secretariat, paying special attention to the resources available to the IPPC Secretariat to engage in this cooperative effort.