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Comité de Sanidad Vegetal del Cono Sur (COSAVE)

Country Editor, RPPO contact

   Mrs. Beatriz MELCHO

   Secretaria de Coordinación de COSAVE
  Comité de Sanidad Vegetal del Cono Sur (COSAVE)
  Avda. Millán 4703 12900. Montevideo Uruguay
  Phone: (+598) 2309 8410 int 102
  Mobile: (+598) 92 590 689
  Email: [email protected]
  Alternate Email: [email protected]
  Preferred languages: Spanish
  Website: http://www.cosave.org

The “Comité de Sanidad Vegetal del Cono Sur” (COSAVE) is a regional organization for coordination and consultation on phytosanitary matters of an intergovernmental nature constituted on the basis of Article IX of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC, 1997).

COSAVE was created by a Constitutive Agreement signed in Montevideo, Uruguay, on March 9, 1989 by the Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay through its Ministers of Agriculture. Subsequently, in 2013, Peru and Bolivia joined the Committee, thus configuring its current membership. At present, COSAVE does not have a permanent headquarters, but operates in the member country that holds the Presidency of the organization, which rotates every two years.


Be the regional organization that enhances the capacities of its member countries to maintain and improve their phytosanitary situation towards sustainable development, facilitating international trade and contributing to the protection of the environment, for the benefit of the forestry-agricultural sector and society as a whole.

Date_establised: March 9, 1989
Website: http://www.cosave.org
Member countries:

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay.


  • To strengthen regional phytosanitary integration.
  • To develop integrated actions aimed at solving phytosanitary problems of common interest to the Member Countries.