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The Biosecurity Approach: A review and evaluation of its application by FAO, internationally and in various countries

Type of activity:
  • Study
Description of activity:

A review and evaluation of biosecurity approaches internationally, by specific countries and applied by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The study looks at the different definitions, principles and the main drivers of biosecurity. Case studies present an insight to challenges and successes of application at the national level. The study concludes with a series of questions to consider and recommendations are offered as a platform for FAO to determine the best approach to biosecurity in the future.

The report of this study is available in English.

Author/Editor details:
Drafted by M. Megan Quinlan, James Alden, Ferdinand Habbel and Rebecca Murphy, through Imperial College Consultants Ltd., and reviewed by the IPPC Secretariat.
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