First report of Phyllosticta citricarpa in Tunisia

Posted on Fri, 06 Mar 2020, 13:59

The Tunisian NPPO confirmed the introduction of Phyllosticta citricarpa to the governorate of Nabeul (municipalités de Beni Khalled, Bouargoub et Menzel Bouzelfa) in Tunisia in March 2019.

This was the first report of the disease in the country and the origin of the invasion was not known. Emergency measures were prepared in consultation with all stakeholders (e.g .citrus producers, technical institutes, researchers). In the infested area (about 2000 ha), a chemical control program was applied (including the registration of additional fungicides). A monitoring program was developed, and samples were taken and tested by molecular methods to delineate the extent of the disease in Tunisia.

For more detailed information, please contact the IPPC Contact point in Tunisia at this link:

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