Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation between the IPPC Secretariat and the DG TRADE of the European Commission

Posted on Tue, 04 Dec 2018, 14:47

28 November 2018, Brussels – The IPPC delegation met with representatives from the European Commission’s (EC) DG TRADE and briefed them on major progress made on the IPPC Secretariat’s work in developing the IPPC strategic framework; commodity and pathway standards; trade facilitation; the International Year of Plant (IYPH) 2020; emerging pests; and cooperation with the World Customs Organisation (WCO).

The IPPC Secretary, Mr Jingyuan Xia, also highlighted progress made in projects focusing on implementing the IPPC and its International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs); as well as on the Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS). These projects are supported by DG TRADE in collaboration with DG SANTE.

The IPPC Secretary expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to DG TRADE and DG SANTE for their continuous and generous support to the IPPC’s work programme. He further explained to EC representatives the what, why and how of renewing the project focused on implementing the IPPC, and its ISPMs, to be supported by DG TRADE in cooperation with DG SANTE.

Ms Ewa Synowiec, Director of DG TRADE, welcomed the IPPC delegates to the EC, and expressed her appreciation to the IPPC Secretariat for the good progress made in conducting the IPPC implementation and IRSS projects supported by EC. She reiterated the EC’s strong interest in supporting the IPPC’s work programme, in particular for participation in IPPC meetings, developing commodity and pathway standards, promoting trade facilitation, and strengthening capacity development at the national level.

She also supported the proposal made by IPPC Secretary about renewing the project on implementing the IPPC and its ISPMs. Both sides agreed to work together on this proposal and hold another meeting for more detailed discussions in due course.

The IPPC delegation was composed of Mr Jingyuan Xia (IPPC Secretary), Mr Marko Benovic (Budget and Planning Officer) and Mr Tommaso Teti (Project Management Associate). Representatives from the EC’s DG TRADE included Ms Ewa Synowiec (Director of Directorate D), Mr Zoltân Somogyi (Head of Unit 3), and Mr Francisco Tristante (Policy Officer of Unit 3).




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