IRSS: Rountable on Indicators on Implementation of the International Plant Protection Convention, Windsor, United Kingdom

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Monitoring: IRSS Roundtable on Indicators

The IPPC implementation review and support system (IRSS) project convened a small group of results-based management experts to explore options for developing objective indicators of IPPC/ISPM implementation and assessing the impact of this implementation. The value of indicators for measuring the use and impact of activities and standards, as well as for informing planning of future work, was recognized by all.

The group discussed the IPPC (its objectives, activities and obligations, and operational structure), the availability and gaps of data in plant protection, and evaluations of the IPPC to date. The group built on this topic-specific information with general discussion on selection and overall characteristics of indicators, especially in cases where more than one factor is influencing the ultimate goal.

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