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Implementation Strategy


Global coordination is essential to put into effect the global action for FAW control from different perspectives. The IPPC Secretariat will work closely together with a wide range of actors and stakeholders, as well as relevant FAO divisions, Regional Plant Protection Organizations, IPPC contracting parties, research institutions and the private sector to coordinate this global effort and prevent FAW introduction into countries where it was not found before. A FAO FAW Secretariat, FAO/IPPC Technical Working Group, and IPPC/Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPOs) Task Force will be responsible for coordinating the IPPC implementation activities on FAW prevention at global, regional, and national levels.

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Technical Support

Preventive measures will be put in place in target countries situated in regions that are not yet affected and new areas where FAW has limited distribution. This outcome will be achieved by implementing key phytosanitary activities, such as the development of guidance on prevention; the implementation of IPPC International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) for inspection and surveillance; the organization of regional and national training workshops and collaboration on prevention of FAW. In particular, key NPPOs’ functions need to be strengthened through capacity development with trainings on surveillance, inspection and response of pest outbreaks.

Resource Mobilization

To scale-up the global efforts and tame FAW threat worldwide, the Global Action for Fall Armyworm Control aims to mobilize USD 500 million, most of which will be needed at the national level. The global resource mobilization action envisages a financial mechanism composed of contribution of beneficiary and of additional donor-funded projects that will be called upon to contribute to the Global Action. Funds will be mobilized from all relevant sources, national budgets, private sector, development partners, development banks and FAO contributions.

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Knowledge materials and information for different stakeholders, including RPPOs, NPPOs and the general public, will be developed by the IPPC Secretariat and disseminated through traditional and new media. Regular updates will be provided on the status of FAW in the world and actions being taken on prevention by the IPPC community. Publications and advocacy materials, newsletters and social media contents will be produced and distributed to increase the visibility of the Global Action and raise awareness of the importance of prevention to reduce the spread of FAW worldwide. All FAW Global Action documents that relate to the IPPC mandate will be uploaded on this page and be publicly available.

Preventing FAW introduction