Mr. Thomas GbokieJr

International Phytosanitary Specialist


[email protected]

Brief Biography
Thomas Gbokie, Jr. is an agricultural and research development professional with a BSc in Agriculture and M.Phil. Entomology, both from the University of Ghana. He has held administrative and technical roles within the Ministry of Agriculture of Liberia, including serving as Crop Protection Specialist, Deputy Agriculture Minister and Technical Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture. Since 2015, Thomas has also contributed his expertise to the development processes of Liberia’s national agro-inputs (seed, fertilizer and pesticides) policies, regulations and related legislations to attract investment support, and to also facilitate trade and exchanges within the West Africa Sub-region. Support for: - The COMESA project's activities to perform simulation exercises for surveillance and pest outbreak response - Organizing training workshops on Fusarium TR4. Language: English