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Pre-CPM -11 Training Session on ISPM 32 Categorization of commodities according to their pest risk

The ISPM 32 Categorization of commodities according to their pest risk provides criteria for national plant protection organizations (NPPOs) of importing countries to categorize commodities according to their pest risk when considering import requirements.

This categorization helps in identifying whether further pest risk analysis is required, and if phytosanitary certification is needed. The first stage of categorization is based on whether the commodity has been processed and, if so, the method and degree of processing to which the commodity has been subjected before export. The second stage of categorization of commodities is based on their intended use after import. Contaminating pests or storage pests that may become associated with the commodity after processing are not considered by the standard.

In practice ISPM 32 is one of the most important tools intended to facilitate safe trade. Nevertheless, its lack of implementation has been reported repeatedly in the phytosanitary community.

The Pre-CPM - 11 training session objectives are to:

  • Identify gaps and challenges of the ISPM 32 implementation
  • Exchange experiences among contracting parties (CPs)
  • Make recommendations for the better implementation of the ISPM 32.

Participants are kindly requested to read carefully the following documents before coming to the pre CPM -11 training session:

The programme and handouts for participants in the all FAO languages are available in the below section.

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Doc # Agenda # Title Files Publicationss date
Handout for participants En Es Fr Ru Ar Zh 25 Mar 2016
Pre-CPM 11 training session programme En Es Fr Ru Ar Zh 25 Mar 2016
Profile of the speaker for the Pre-CPM11 training session En 31 Mar 2016
Presentation on categorization of commodities according to their pest risk – COSAVE experience En 31 Mar 2016

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