List of CPM Recommendations

The following table shows the list of CPM Recommendations (CPM or ICPM decisions), each of which is attached as Annex 2 to 6 in the adopted presentation form.

ICPM-2/1999 Recommendations on information exchange ICPM-2 report, paragraph 20 and Appendix X
ICPM-3/2001 Recommendations on LMOs, biosecurity and alien invasive species ICPM-3 report, paragraph 34 and Appendix XIII
ICPM-7/2005 Recommendations on threats to biodiversity posed by alien species: actions within the framework of the IPPC ICPM-7 report, paragraph 148
CPM-1/2006 Recommendations on the role of IPPC contact points CPM-1 report, paragraph 152 and Appendix XVIII
CPM-3/2008 Recommendations on replacement or reduction of the use of methyl bromide as a phytosanitary measure CPM-3 report, paragraph 80 and Appendix VI
CPM-9/2014/1 Recommendations on IPPC coverage of acquatic plants CPM-9 report, paragraph 115 and Appendix VI
CPM-9/2014/2 Recommendations on internet trade (e-commerce) in plants and other regulated article CPM-9 report, paragraph 115 and Appendix VI
CPM-10/2015 Recommendation on sea container CPM-10 report, paragraph 149 and Appendix VIII
CPM-11/2016 Recommendations on the importance of pest diagnosis CPM-11 report, paragraph 133 and Appendix XVI
Doc # Agenda # Title Files Publication date
Recommendation CPM 10/2015_01 Sea Containers (Revised) En
Compiled Comments on the draft CPM recommendation on the importance of pest diagnosis En

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