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CPM 14 PPTs: Plenary Sessions, Side events and Side Sessions

This page includes presentations provided during the plenary, pre-session and side sessions held during the fourteenth Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-14).


  • ePhyto

Plenary Session:

  • Link to webcast of opening session available here.

Side Sessions:

Doc # Agenda # Title Files Publicationss date
The ePhyto Solution Project En 16 Apr 2019
SS1 - Kenya's Experience with use of IPPC training guides and materials En 16 Apr 2019
SS1 - Capacity building for increased and improved participation in CPM meetings En 16 Apr 2019
SS1 - Education in system oriented science. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme Plant Health En 16 Apr 2019
SS2 - IPPC Commodity and Pathway Standards En 16 Apr 2019
SS3 - Facilitating Safe Trade in Plants and Plant Products En 16 Apr 2019
SS4 - Red Palm Weevil pest En 16 Apr 2019
SS5 - North American Sea Container Initiative (NASCI) En 16 Apr 2019
SS5 -Addressing the Sea Container Pathway by World Shipping Council and Global Shippers'Forum En 16 Apr 2019
SS5 - The Italian Ceramic Tile "Good Phytosanitary Practices" Programme En 16 Apr 2019
SS5 - Progress made by China and discussion on Potential Cost- effective approaches for pest risks associated with Sea Containers En 16 Apr 2019
Video "Good phytosanitary Practices" the Italian ceramic En 15 Apr 2019
7 Report from the IPPC Secretariat En 16 Apr 2019
13.2 Report of the 30th Technical Consultation (TC) among Regional Plant protection Organizations (RPPOs) En 16 Apr 2019
14.4 Panel discussion on capacity development and Plant Health En 16 Apr 2019
15.2 Resource mobilization report of the IPPC Secretariat for 2018 En 16 Apr 2019
16.1 Successes and challenges in Implementation of the Convention En 16 Apr 2019
20.1 The New IPP En 16 Apr 2019

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