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2023-01- Expert for the Spanish language for the TPG

Nomination Closed: Expert for the Spanish language for the TPG!!!.

Expert for the Spanish language for the TPG

Specification TP 5: https://www.ippc.int/ru/publications/specification-tp-5-technical-panel-glossary-2013/

TPG webpage: https://www.ippc.int/en/core-activities/standards-setting/expert-drafting-groups/technical-panels/technical-panel-glossary-phytosanitary-terms-ispm-5/

Specific expertise required: Candidates should have a broad understanding of plant protection systems, have experience in several aspects, including legislation, regulations, surveillance, diagnostics, pest risk analysis, phytosanitary certification and compliance, eradication, pest free areas, etc., and have an understanding of the use of terminology within those systems. In addition, experience in developing or implementing ISPMs is highly desired. Willingness and availability to participate continuously in the work of the TPG throughout the year, including face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, and intersession work, are essential.

For more information, please review Specification TP 5 and the TPG webpage.

The expert will be appointed for five-year terms beginning in 2023. The expert should be available to attend all annual face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings of the TPG. All meeting dates will be published on the IPPC Calendar.

The expert should have a strong working knowledge of English. The expert should also demonstrate a strong working knowledge of Spanish (mother tongue level).