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Current notification period for DPs


2023-09-04 – The IPPC Standards Committee (SC) adopted, on behalf of the CPM, the following two Diagnostic Protocols (DPs):

  • DP 32: genus Ceratitis

  • DP 33: Mononychellus tanajoa


According to stage 4 of the Standard Setting process, Adoption and publication, if a contracting party (CP) does not support the adoption of a draft ISPM, the CP may submit an objection. The objection must be submitted to the Secretariat and must be accompanied by technical justification and suggestions for improvement of the draft ISPM. A template for objections can be found here: https://www.ippc.int/en/publications/85331/. The Secretariat will make available all objections received.

For draft Diagnostic Protocols (DPs), the CPM has delegated its authority to adopt DPs on its behalf to the Standards Committee (SC). Once the SC approves the DP, the Secretariat makes it available and contracting parties are notified.

The notification period for approved DPs is opened twice a year, on the following dates:

  • from 01 July to 15 August

  • from 05 January to 20 February

Contracting parties have 45 days to review the approved DP and submit an objection, if any. If no objection is received, the DP is considered adopted by SC on behalf of the CPM. DPs adopted through this process are noted by the CPM and attached to the report of the CPM meeting.

Objections for approved draft diagnostic protocols must be submitted to the IPPC Secretariat via e-mail [email protected] by the IPPC Official Contact Point.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the IPPC Secretariat at [email protected].

For requesting translation of draft diagnostic protocols (DPs) into the FAO languages the mechanism posted on the IPP at https://www.ippc.int/en/core-activities/standards-setting/notification-period-dps/mechanism-translate-diagnostic-protocols-languages/ should be followed.


Please note that a document containing the history of DP notification periods as well as previous DP notification periods submitted are also available.

This web page was last reviewed on 2023-06-26. For queries or comments regarding the contents on this page, please contact [email protected] and [email protected]

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Topic # Title Files Publicationss date
2016-001 Draft DP for genus Ceratitis En 30 Jun 2023
Responses to Consultation Comments for genus Ceratitis En 30 Jun 2023
2018-006 Draft DP for Mononychellus Tanajoa En 30 Jun 2023
Responses to Consultation Comments for Mononychellus Tanajoa En 30 Jun 2023

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