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DP Translations

Mechanism to translate Diagnostic Protocols into Languages

At CPM-5 (2010), the Secretariat introduced a paper describing how the diagnostic protocols (DPs) are developed by an international group of experts. Most of the work is done in English and most of the reference documents are in English, and translating the DPs before adoption has a great cost. The proposal was to develop these DPs in English and translate into languages after adoption. Some members, although they empathized with non-English speakers, supported the development of DPs in English to save time and financial resources. However, some other members, while understanding the reasons for the proposal, suggested that the translation should continue to ensure that all technical experts have access to the DPs.

The CPM agreed that DPs be translated at two stages: before member consultation, upon request by an IPPC member, for translation into official FAO languages; and as normal, prior to the adoption of the DP by CPM.

The CPM requested the Secretariat to provide a mechanism for requests for translation of DPs into FAO languages before member consultation (available below).

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Title Files Publication date
Mechanism to request translation of DPs into FAO languages before member consultation En 01 Jan 2012

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