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Pest Reports Bulletin: October 2016

Please find below the complete list of new or updated Pest Reports submitted by countries in October 2016

Title Published Updated Country
First finding of Dactylopius opuntiae (Cockerell) on Opuntia ficus-indica in Cyprus. new
Pest identity:Dactylopius opuntiae - (DACLTO)
03 Oct 2016 30 Nov 2016 Cyprus
Detection of Melon necrotic spot virus in Victoria new
Pest identity:Melon necrotic spot virus - (MNSV00)
03 Oct 2016 04 Oct 2016 Australia
Decleration of Turkey - Xylella fastidiosa new
Pest identity:Xylella fastidiosa - (XYLEFA)
06 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016 Republic of Türkiye
First report of Nematus lipovskyi in the Czech Republic (2013) new
Pest identity:Nematus lipovskyi - (NEMALI)
14 Oct 2016 30 Dec 2016 Czechia
Elsinoë australis (Sweet Orange Scab) - APHIS Establishes Quarantined Areas in California for Sweet Orange Scab and Revises the Conditions for Movement of Regulated Fruit and Nursery Stock under the SOS Quarantine new
Pest identity:Elsinoe australis - (ELSIAU)
14 Oct 2016 14 Oct 2016 United States of America
Lissachatina fulica, formerly Achatina fulica (Giant African Snail) - APHIS establishes additional regulated area in Florida new
Pest identity:Lissachatina fulica - (ACHAFU)
14 Oct 2016 14 Oct 2016 United States of America
Anastrepha ludens (Mexican Fruit Fly) - APHIS removes quarantines for some areas in Texas new
Pest identity:Anastrepha ludens - (ANSTLU)
14 Oct 2016 14 Oct 2016 United States of America
Agrilus planipennis (Emerald Ash Borer) – Updated regulated areas in the United States new
Pest identity:Agrilus planipennis - (AGRLPL)
14 Oct 2016 14 Oct 2016 United States of America
Primer reporte oficial de Pulgón Amarillo del Sorgo (Melanaphis sacchari) new
Pest identity:Melanaphis sacchari - (APHISH)
21 Oct 2016 21 Oct 2016 Nicaragua
Outbreak of Globodera pallida new
Pest identity:Globodera pallida - (HETDPA)
27 Oct 2016 27 Oct 2016 Japan
Absence of Phyllosticta fragariicola from Australia new
Pest identity:Phyllosticta fragariicola - (PHYSFR)
31 Oct 2016 09 May 2022 Australia