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Pest Reports Bulletin: February 2019

Please find below the complete list of new or updated Pest Reports submitted by countries in February 2019

Title Published Updated Country
A Queensland Fruit Fly Bactrocera tryoni has been detected in a fruit fly surveillance trap at a residential property in Devonport, Auckland City new
Pest identity:Bactrocera tryoni - (DACUTR)
18 Feb 2019 27 Feb 2019 New Zealand
Primer reporte oficial de Maruca testulalis new
Pest identity:Maruca testulalis - (MARUTE)
26 Feb 2019 26 Feb 2019 Nicaragua
Globodera pallida (Pale Cyst Nematode): APHIS Adds Infested Field and Removes Other Fields from Regulation in Idaho new
Pest identity:Globodera pallida - (HETDPA)
28 Feb 2019 28 Feb 2019 United States of America
Lissachatina fulica, formerly Achatina fulica (Giant African Snail): APHIS Updates Regulated Areas in Miami-Dade County new
Pest identity:Lissachatina fulica - (ACHAFU)
28 Feb 2019 28 Feb 2019 United States of America