Elementary School Students learn about IYPH 2020

Posted on Mon, 27 Jan 2020, 11:23

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The Locusts and Transboundary Plan

On January 11, IPPC Secretariat Senior Advisor Craig Fedchock provided an overview on the International Year of Plant Health, the IPPC, and the importance of plant health in general to the student body of Axis International Academy in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The Academy is a 50/50 immersion school where 50% of the students’ instructional time is spent in English and the other 50% is spent in a partner language (either Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese).

Mr. Fedchock was invited to present to the students by Dr. Kari Anne Calarco, the school’s founder and chief executive. Mr. Fedchock stressed the importance of plant health for life, paying attention to changes in the health of plants and the importance of learning about other cultures and peoples through the study of languages.

The students were very engaged in the presentation and responded with more questions than time allowed for answers. Hopefully this event will provide a spark for these students to raise awareness of the importance of keeping plants healthy both to their friend and families.

You can find more information on the International Year of Plant Health at http://www.fao.org/plant-health-2020/.

If you wish to propose an event to be added to the list of IYPH events, write to [email protected]

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