Finland implements new security enhanced paper for Phytosanitary Export and Re-export Certificates

Posted on Tue, 13 Jul 2021, 17:14

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Helsinki, 10 July 2021. Finland’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Food Authority responsible for plant health (Ruokavirasto), announces the implementation of new security enhanced paper for phytosanitary export and re-export certificates.

Phytosanitary Certificates will continue to be printed with a watermark on the form as previous versions, but now with an additional security feature with a large dim Finnish lion watermark on the background. "Plant Protection Service" and "Finnish Food Authority" surrounds texts on the new certificate with a new feature of blue security fiber visible in the paper.

The new security paper for export and re-export Phytosanitary Certificates do not contain any other changes compared to previously valid forms. Beginning 11 July 2021, implementation of the new forms will be fully utilized for Phytosanitary Certificates issued after the initiation date. Contact [email protected] for further information on requirements for exporting and re-exporting plants and plant products.

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