Nomination of National Plant Health Champions to promote the International Year of Plant Health

Posted on Mon, 07 Sep 2020, 09:40

To keep promoting the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) at the country level during the current pandemic, the involvement of local communities and citizens becomes more important than ever. Engaging people to support the IYPH will help raise awareness of the importance of plants, but also increase visibility of the work of our institutions to protect them.

The IPPC Secretariat calls on all national plant protection organizations (NPPOs) to seek the support of National Plant Health Champions, individuals with a proven commitment to plant health who are willing to inspire others to take action during IYPH 2020.

Find your National Plant Health Champions

Informing people about plant health, organizing national IYPH initiatives, talking with the media, engaging with the public, farmers and local communities, translating IYPH existing materials into your national language. Those are just a few actions National Plant Health Champions can take to sustain this global effort and help promote IYPH in each country. The call for National Plant Health Champions is published on the IYPH website, and the IPPC Secretariat keeps receiving many requests and profiles from interested candidates writing from all over the world. IPPC contact points may nominate their National Plant Health Champions and keep them involved in your activities and duties based on their national agenda. The activists are appointed on a voluntary basis, and their “recruitment” does not necessarily imply any financial commitment from NPPOs and/or the IYPH Secretariat.

How to nominee your National Plant Health Champions

1. Getting ready

• Read the call and learn more about National Champions at:

• Arrange a programme of national activities Plant Health Champions can support and take part

• Translate, adapt and publish the call on your website and social media channels

• Promote the call and spread the message among your colleagues and national networks

• Share the call with other relevant local institutions and universities

2. Selecting candidates

• Read candidates curricula and ideas

• Shortlist profiles that fit your programme of activities

• If needed, organize an informal chat with shortlisted candidates

• Provide shortlisted candidates with all the instructions and info about your programme

• Select up to 5 candidates with different profiles and skills

3. Key features of a National Plant Health Champion

• Bold ideas and strong motivation

• Activism in plant health and environmental issues

• Communication and persuasive skills

• Knowledge of plant health / phytosanitary issues (a plus).

NPPOs may use the above guidelines as a non-exhaustive reference when selecting and appointing them. Each country can adjust and adapt these instructions and the nomination process according to their capacity, availability of resources, and the activities in which they intend to involve National Champions.

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