Reviewing the IPPC Financial Status: the IPPC Financial Committee FC)

Posted on Thu, 21 Apr 2016, 09:01

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The Financial Committee (FC) of the CPM Bureau met on 1 April 2016 to discuss relevant financial issues of the IPPC Secretariat. Chaired by Mr. John Greifer (USA), the FC discussed CPM-11 documents on financial matters, resource mobilization and sustainable funding of the IPPC Secretariat. IPPC Secretary made the presentation on the current financial position of the IPPC Secretariat and FC noted the financial difficulties the Secretariat is facing. The FC supported the IPPC Secretariat in making the feasibility analysis on the voluntary assessed contributions (first stage) and potential mandatory assessed contributions (at a later stage). The FC also supported the IPPC Secretariat in recent resource mobilization activities and thanked the Secretariat for preparing the CPM-11 financial documents in line with the guidelines of the FC.

The following FC members participated in the meeting: Mr John GREIFER (USA-Chair), Ms Kyu-Ock YIM (Republic of Korea-CPM Chair), Mr Lucien KOUAME KONAN (Côte d Ivoire), Mr Ralf LOPIAN (Finland). From the Secretariat Mr Jingyuan XIA (IPPC Secretary), Mr Craig FEDCHOCK, and Mr Marko BENOVIC participated.

The Bureau of the CPM elected the 2016 FC membership, staring a new 2 year term: Ms Marie-Claude FOREST (CANADA-Chair), Ms Lois RANSOM (Australia-CPM Chair), Mr Lucien KOUAME KONAN (Côte d Ivoire) and Mr Ralf LOPIAN (Finland).

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