Seeking expert’s comments on IPPC Diagnostic Protocol (DP) for Genus Ceratitis

Posted on Fri, 24 Sep 2021, 16:10

The IPPC just opened the Expert Consultation on Draft Diagnostic Protocols for Genus Ceratitis (2016-001). If you are interested in commenting, please access the expert consultation on draft DPs webpage:

The closing date is 25 October 2021.

In order to download and comment on a draft diagnostic protocol, please email to [email protected] to request access to the protocol you are interested in.

Diagnostic Protocols General principles

  • DPs provide the minimum requirements for reliable diagnosis of regulated pests.
  • The methods are selected on the basis of their sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility.
  • Availability of equipment, the expertise required for these methods and their practicability are also taken into account.
  • Harmonization requires compromise.

DPs are not scientific publications but adopted international standards to which IPPC contracting parties have agreed.


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