The IPPC HELPDESK Question and Answer forum: Ask a question Answer a Question!

Posted on Wed, 16 Oct 2013, 11:43

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The IPPC Secretariat has been working to facilitate useful discussion among IPPC Contact Points and IPPC Editors through the IRSS Helpdesk resource on the IPP Portal. With its three main features, the Question and Answer (Q&A) Forum, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, and the Phytosanitary Resources webpage, contact points may interact with other forum users to clarify common questions and areas of interest. The Question and Answer Forum in particular is an effective element of the Helpdesk as it allows the IPPC contact points to present their issues of concern and seek advice from other forum users who may have more experience in that specific area. For this reason, all forum members are asked to routinely monitor the question forum and provide assistance where they can. After all, discussion forums function only when all parties participate and foster this system of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The Q&A Forum can be accessed at

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