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Évaluation des capacités phytosanitaires (ECP)

Qu'est-ce qu'une évaluation des capacités phytosanitaires (ECP)?


The PCE is a collaborative process that helps countries evaluate their phytosanitary capabilities. National stakeholders, including the national plant protection organization (NPPO) staff, reach a consensus on the main phytosanitary gaps at the system, organizational, and technical levels. Under a structured framework, the PCE process helps identify how to address these critical gaps based on strategic planning and logical framework methodologies.

The PCE:

  • Is a self-evaluation process driven by the NPPOs, giving them flexibility and control. Usually, it involves internationally trained facilitators who serve as navigators and guide the NPPOs in conducting a thorough assessment. However, the country may decide to conduct the assessment independently;
  • Is supported by an online system comprising 13 modules designed in a questionnaire-style format to document the evaluation process systematically. NPPOs can select modules based on their current priorities and needs;
  • Once the gaps are identified, the NPPO can create a sovereign plan to address and rectify these issues by applying strategic planning tools such as cause and effects analysis, SWOT analysis, logical framework, and the final output, a phytosanitary capacity development strategy which is validated by stakeholders.

PCEs in practice: examples and case studies

About PCE

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Outputs and activities

Titre Fichiers Publications date
Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation Tool (PCE) - Single page flyer - 2011 En 17 Jui 2011
Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation Strategy for 2020-2030 En 20 Mai 2019
Procedure for PCE facilitator certification En 01 Fév 2022
Terms and conditions En 03 Mai 2024
Confidentiality agreement regarding the IPPC PCE En 01 Fév 2022

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