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Technical panels (TPs)

In an effort to improve the quality and efficiency in the development of ISPMs, the ICPM-6 (2004) approved the establishment of technical panels (TPs) under the supervision of the Standards Committee (SC).

The TPs, established for specific phytosanitary technical areas, develop ISPMs and provide guidance to the SC regarding specific phytosanitary issues. A steward, who is usually a member of the SC, supports and guides members in the development of draft ISPMs. The SC then reviews, revises and recommends the draft ISPM for consultation.

The SC selects TP members after a call for experts and each TP member is selected for a five year term. The SC annually reviews the progress of the TP and considers issues regarding the panel’s work programme, its relationship to other panels and its organization.

Currently, there are four TPs for the development of international standards:

The CPM-13 (2019) has disestablished the Technical panel on fruit flies (TPFF)

The CPM-15 (2021) has disestablished the Technical panel on forest quarantine (TPFQ)

The CPM Bureau in June 2020, in an extraordinary session, has approved the inclusion of the Technical Panel on Commodity Standards (TPCS) into the work programme. The draft specification of this technical panel is out for consultation period in July 2020.

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Titre Fichiers Publications date
Terms of reference and rules of procedure for technical panels En Es Fr 01 Avr 2008
Common procedures for technical panels En 01 Jan 2009
Specifications for technical panels
01 Mar 2007

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