Consultation on Implementation and Capacity Development Documents

The Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) provides oversight of activities delivered by the Implementation and Facilitation Unit (IFU) of the IPPC Secretariat and approves all draft Implementation and Capacity Development documents prior to consultation.

As per the Procedure Manual for Implementation and Capacity Development, the following types of documents are distributed to NPPOs and RPPOs for consultation:

  • Draft Specifications for Guides, training materials and other implementation resources
  • Draft governance documents for IC Sub-groups (e.g. Rules of Procedure and Terms of Reference)

The objective of the consultations is to ensure that guides and training materials are developed through an inclusive, open and transparent process and to facilitate input from a wide range of stakeholders.

The publications posted in the table at the bottom of this page provide a historical record of Implementation and Capacity Development consultations and includes the draft documents that were distributed for consultation and the compiled comments from each consultation.


The 2021 consultations will be held from 01 July to 31 August 2021. The following draft Specifications for guides, training materials and document will be sent for consultations:

Draft Specifications for Guides

  1. Development and implementation of regulations and legislation to manage phytosanitary risks on regulated articles for NPPOs, Guide (2018-008), Priority 1

  2. Developing phytosanitary security procedures to maintain the phytosanitary integrity of consignments for export, Guide (2018-028), Priority 1

  3. Contingency planning, Guide (2019-012), Priority 1

Draft Specifications for Training materials

  1. Plant Health officer training, Curriculum (2017-054), Priority 1

  2. Inspection e-Learning course (2020-011), Priority 1

  3. Surveillance and reporting obligations, e-Learning course (2020-012 ), Priority 1

Terms of Reference

  1. Proposed Terms of Reference for the IC Sub-group on National Reporting Obligations (NRO)

Online Comment System

The IPPC Online Comment System (OCS) is used to gather comments from NPPOs and RPPOs during consultation periods: If you need assistance using the OCS, please visit the OCS resource page on the IPP ( or contact the IPPC Secretariat at [email protected].

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