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IPPC Assists Tunisia in its Second Round of the Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation Process

Publié on jeu, 12 Jul 2018, 17:24

2nd PCE mission in Tunisia, June 2018, Tunis. © Mekki Chouibani

Under the framework of the FAO project TCP/SNE/3601/C1 and with the support of the FAO Sub-regional office for North-Africa (SNE), the IPPC Secretariat carried out the second mission to support the application of the Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) tool.

The 2nd round of the PCE was facilitated by Mr Mekki CHOUIBANI, the PCE facilitator and Executive Director of NEPPO, with contribution of Ms Sarah BRUNEL, IPPC Implementation Facilitation Officer.

A workshop was organized in Tunis from 26 to 28 June 2018 with government officials and stakeholders to ...

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The IPPC Secretariat brainstorms on the Plant Health and Environmental Protection at its 2018 Mid-Year Meeting

Publié on jeu, 12 Jul 2018, 08:43

A specific session took place during the IPPC Secretariat 2018 Mid-Year meeting on Friday, 6 July 2018 to brainstorming on activities related to environmental protection and plant health. Environmental protection is at the core of the mandate of the IPPC. Mr Brent Larson, IFU lead, provided a brief history of how the IPPC community has clarified its role regarding environmental issues. Indeed, protecting the environment, forests and biodiversity from plant pests is also one of the strategic objectives in the IPPC Strategic Framework and protecting both cultivated and wild flora from pests was incorporate into the 2005 IPPC Business plan ...

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The 2018 Mid-year Meeting of the IPPC Secretariat Held in Rome, Italy

Publié on mer, 11 Jul 2018, 10:17

The 2018 Mid-year meeting of the IPPC Secretariat was held on 6 July 2018 at the FAO HQs in Rome, Italy. The main objectives of the meeting were to review the major achievements of the IPPC Secretariat for in the first half of 2018, as well as to review the plan of the core activities for the second half of the year and actions to promote further the annual theme of the IPPC Secretariat “Optimization of Financial Management”.

The meeting was chaired and opened by Mr. Jingyuan Xia, the IPPC Secretary. Team Leaders Mr. Avetik Nersisyan (SSU), Mr. Brent Larson ...

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The important development of Phytosanitary Treatments continues as the TPPT close their annual meeting

Publié on mar, 10 Jul 2018, 09:16

The Technical Panel for Phytosanitary Treatments (TPPT) just ended their annual meeting in Shenzhen, China (25 – 29 June 2018). The IPPC Standard Setting Unit organized the meeting that was kindly hosted by the Shenzhen Academy of Inspection and Quarantine.

The TPPT is tasked with drafting scientifically sound phytosanitary treatments for inclusion as annexes to ISPM 28 (Phytosanitary treatments for regulated pests).

In her opening speech, Ms Adriana MOREIRA (IPPC Secretariat) reminded the panel of three key words to keep in mind during the meeting: transparency, technical justification and safe trade facilitation. She also reminded the participants how phytosanitary treatments contribute ...

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The IPPC Secretariat meets representatives from the European Commission for strengthening bilateral cooperation

Publié on mer, 27 Jui 2018, 14:15

Meeting with DG TRADE and DG SANTE

The Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has very strong cooperation with the European Commission (EC). For the past decade, the EC has provided generous and continuous financial support to the IPPC Secretariat’s Work Plan, notably support for travel for representatives of IPPC contracting parties to attend meetings, the implementation of the IPPC and its International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, and supporting the Implementation, Review and Support System (IRSS) project. To further strengthen the bilateral cooperation between the IPPC Secretariat and the EC, a delegation from the IPPC Secretariat payed ...

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The IPPC Participation in the 9th InforMEA Initiative Steering Committee held in Montreux, Switzerland

Publié on mar, 26 Jui 2018, 10:36

The 9th InforMEA Initiative Steering Committee meeting was held from 5-8 June 2018 in Montreux, Switzerland. Ms Paola Sentinelli, Information Management Officer of the IPPC Secretariat, attended the meeting on the IPPC behalf.

The InforMEA Initiative brings together Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA) to develop harmonized and interoperable information systems for the benefit of Parties and the environment community at large. The Initiative is facilitated by the UN Environment and financially supported by the European Union. The MEA Steering Committee meets annually and provides strategic direction.

This June meeting analyzed the progress report on InforMEA Phase II and inter-sessional work on ...

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The IPPC Secretariat delivers for the third time the training course on "Developing national phytosanitary capacities"at CIHEAM - Bari, Italy

Publié on lun, 25 Jui 2018, 14:11

© CIHEAM- 2018: All participants of the 2018 IPPC-CIHEAM-Bari Training Course on Developing Phytosanitary Capacities

For the third time, the IPPC Secretariat, delivered the IPPC-CIHEAM Bari training course on “Developing national phytosanitary capacities” at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (CIHEAM-Bari) from the 28th of May until the 8th of June 2018 in Bari, Italy. Ms. Sarah Brunel, the Implementation Facilitation Officer of the IPPC Secretariat was involved in this activity on the IPPC behalf.

The course was delivered to 16 students of the CIHEAM Master 1 Integrated Pest Management programme. Students originated from several countries in the Mediterranean Basin (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan ...

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The Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the World Customs Organization (WCO) join forces to facilitate trade whilst protecting societies from undesirable effects

Publié on ven, 22 Jui 2018, 09:54

Dr. Jingyuan Xia, Secretary of the International Plant Protection Convention, and Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO), signed an agreement at the WCO Headquarters in Brussels on 19 June 2018 to promote cooperation on matters of common interest to help facilitate the international trade of plants and plant products in a safe and efficient manner.

The areas where the two Organizations will cooperate include, but are not limited to: Electronic Data Exchange (ePhyto), eCommerce, Sea Containers, Single Window and Communication and Advocacy. In addition, the IPPC and WCO will establish a joint work plan with ...

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The June 2018 CPM Bureau meeting held in Rome, Italy

Publié on jeu, 21 Jui 2018, 11:44

The June 2018 CPM Bureau meeting was held on 11-15 June 2018 in Rome, Italy with participation of all seven Bureau members as well as all core team members of the IPPC Secretariat. The meeting was chaired by the CPM Chairperson, Mr Javier Trujillo (Mexico), and opened by Mr Jingyuan Xia, the IPPC Secretary.

The meeting started with the discussion of the action points of the April 2018 Bureau meeting and the CPM-13 followed by the updates from the IPPC Secretariat and the report of the IPPC Financial Committee (FC) Meeting in June 2018.

The Bureau members discussed and agreed ...

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The IPPC Financial Committee (FC) meeting held in Rome - new membership continuing the good work

Publié on jeu, 14 Jui 2018, 09:32

The IPPC Financial Committee (FC) meeting was held from 7-8 June, 2018, at FAO-HQ, Rome, Italy, just before the CPM Bureau meeting which commenced on 11 June, 2018. The meeting was chaired by Greg WOLFF (Canada - new FC Chair), opened by Jingyuan XIA, IPPC Secretary, and attended by Lois RANSOM (Australia - FC member), Kyu-Ock YIM (Republic of Korea - FC member), Lucien KOUAME KONAN (Côte d’Ivoire - FC member), Craig FEDCHOCK (IPPC Adviser) and Marko BENOVIC (Budget and Planning Officer of the IPPC Secretariat).

The main objectives and activities of this FC meeting were to: 1) update the Work plan and ...

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ePhyto Project Technical Committee Meets in Dublin

Publié on mer, 06 Jui 2018, 13:02

The ePhyto Project Technical Committee(PTC)/ePhyto Steering Group (ESG) met during the week of May 28 in Dublin, Ireland. The meeting was graciously hosted by the Irish Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine. The meeting was successful on a number of levels. The PTC agreed that the ePhyto Hub is now open for business, meaning that interested IPPC Contracting Parties with the capacity to do so may now begin to integrate their existing national systems into the Hub. The PTC also presented the current status of the Generic National System (GeNS) by the United Nations International Computing Center ...

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Be ready for the 2018 IPPC Regional Workshops!

Publié on ven, 01 Jui 2018, 17:08

The IPPC Secretariat started the process of coordinating the organization of the 2018 IPPC Regional Workshops since January. This year again, IPPC Regional Workshops shall be organized in the following seven regions: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Near East and North Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Southwest Pacific and the Caribbean. All IPPC contracting parties (CP) from these regions are welcome to attend these workshops. The dates and places of the 2018 IPPC Regional Workshops are posted on the IPP calendar

The three main objectives of these workshops include:

1. Strengthening capacity on how to analyze draft ISPMs ...

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The IPPC Implementation and Capacity Development Committee sets its house in order

Publié on mar, 29 Mai 2018, 14:58

The 2nd meeting of the IPPC Implementation Capacity and Development Committee (IC) was held between 21 and 25 May 2018 at FAO-HQ in Rome, Italy with Ms Olga LAVRENTJEVA (Estonia) presiding as the IC Chairperson.

The IC discussed thoroughly the governance and strategic directions of their work to ensure that the work is focused on the CPM priorities and that efficient, clear and transparent processes and procedures are in place.

The IC agreed to establish two new IC Sub-groups on Dispute Avoidance and Settlement and on the Implementation, Review and Support System (IRSS). The Sea Container Task Force (SCTF) was ...

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Fumigation requirements and amendments to ISPM 5 draft ISPMs for another round of IPPC's member comments!

Publié on ven, 25 Mai 2018, 12:08

The Standards Committee working group (SC-7), met on 21-23 May 2018 in Rome and had intense and fruitful discussions on two draft ISPMs. The 2018 SC-7 was led by Mr Nico Horn (The Netherlands) as the chairperson for this year’s working group. The SC-7 consists of seven SC members - one representative per FAO region. They had detailed and in-depth discussions on the draft standards that were commented upon by IPPC Official contact points during the first consultation in 2017. The SC-7 considered the compiled comments, the stewards’ considerations and recommendations on the use of terms and consistency as provided ...

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