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Second Call for Independent Experts: Establishment of an IPPC Dispute Settlement Expert Committee

Publié on mer, 25 Fév 2015, 15:33 None

This call for independent experts is issued with a view to establishing the Expert Committee for the Phytosanitary Dispute between the Republic South Africa and the European Union (IPPC Dispute number 10ZAF01).

The Expert Committee will be established on the basis of Article XIII of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and will act in accordance with the IPPC Dispute Settlement Procedures.

Pursuant to the procedure of selection set out in paragraph 27 of the IPPC Dispute Settlement Procedures, on 25 September 2014 the IPPC Secretariat solicited the IPPC Contracting Parties to nominate experts for possible membership to the Expert ...

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IPPC Membership of the Standards Committee (SC) and the Subsidiary Body on Dispute Settlement (SBDS)

Publié on lun, 02 Fév 2015, 14:47 None

The Secretariat is currently soliciting nominations from all FAO regions for members and potential replacements for the Standards Committee and Subsidiary Body on Dispute Settlement. Both subsidiary bodies, containing members from all seven FAO regions, are responsible for the crucial decisions that shape and improve the IPPC. Decisions made by these bodies can impact national food security, the health and biodiversity of all ecosystems, trade, and capacity building needs.

This is a reminder to work within your regions to ensure that all formal nominations reach the Secretariat by 20 February 2014.

The call for nominations letters and attachments are posted ...

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