Communication & Advocacy

Awareness creation for the IPPC is extremely important as the IPPC profile has traditionally being too low. Therefore, all IPPC Communication and Advocacy activities are targeted at improving the profile of the IPPC internationally and nationally. Increased recognition should also need to improved support and sustainable resources.

To this end the IPPC making use of many different opportunities to promote itself and increase support. Therefore, the IPPC has introduced annual themes to promotion on an annual basis specific aspects of the IPPC mandate. For the period 2016-2019 the IPPC will focus only the following themes:

  • 2016 Plant Health and Food Security
  • 2017 Plant Health and Trade Facilitation
  • 2018 Plant Health and Environmental Protection
  • 2019 Plant Health and Capacity Development

In addition, IPPC contracting parties are endeavouring to get the UN to recognise 2020 on the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). To this end, many IPPC activities are building to generate awareness and support for this endeavour.

A significant amount of advocacy is already available to promote the IPPC and this is available through the IPPC library. Other material specific for IYPH is available on a dedicated web page.