Koster’s curse in Julatten, Queensland

Publication Date
jeu, 25 Fév 2010, 00:00
Last Updated
juin 30, 2015, 6:05 matin
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Clidemia hirta - (CXAHI)
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Koster's curse is a highly invasive tropical shrub
Pest Status
  • Present: under eradication
Geographical Distribution
Detected at a single location in Julatten, Queensland, covering 436 hectares

Koster’s curse is a quick-growing invasive plant that has the ability to form dense thickets, smothering native vegetation and causing major problems to primary industries. It will invade disturbed areas including the edges of clearings and stream-banks, along fence lines, paths and roadways. Koster’s curse prefers humid tropical lowlands and waterways and is spread by fruit-eating birds and mammals. A mature bush can produce thousands of purple berries and can produce seeds all year round; it will also reproduce vegetatively (from cuttings, detached leaves and stems). It is a serious pest in at least 16 countries, including Hawaii, Fiji and Indonesia

Koster's curse is a highly invasive shrub, growing up to 5 m tall. This shrub has the potential to spread rapidly over many parts of Australia. It forms dense thickets that can smother pasture and native vegetation in a similar manner to lantana. The berries produced are easily spread by birds.
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Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer Australian Government Department of Agriculture, GPO Box 858 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia [email protected]
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