Eradicated outbreak of Spodoptera litura in Denmark

Publication Date
ven, 24 Jui 2011, 00:00
Last Updated
juin 23, 2011, 9:01 matin
Report Number
Pest Id
Spodoptera litura - (PRODLI)
Report Status
Crassula spp. and Pilea spp.
Pest Status
  • Absent: intercepted only
Geographical Distribution
One single glass house nursery on the island of Funen.

Ultimo 2009 the Danish Plant Directorate was notified by another NPPO that a finding of Spodoptera litura could possibly be traced back to a consignment of plants delivered by a Danish producer. Intensive official inspections did not reveal any infected plants or any living moths or larvae at the premises of that Danish producer. However inspection of light traps in the greenhouse revealed 7 dead specimens of S.litura among other moth species indicating that there had been an outbreak which was successfully eradicated. It is suspected that the pest was introduced to the Danish nursery in 2009, and that the origin was from a south east Asian country.

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