Activation of non-compliance notifications in the EU electronic system TRACES

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sep. 7, 2022, 10:32 matin
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The letters and the guide for users are hereby posted to inform NPPOs on the updated procedure to notify non-compliances of consignments of plants, plant products and other objects entering the European Union through the EU's electronic TRACES platform.

The updated procedure is addressing earlier reported difficulties by dispatching NPPOs with regard to monitoring the non-compliances recorded at EU borders due to the absence of automated notifications from the TRACES platform. Since 16 August 2022, TRACES has implemented a new notification system in order to address the aforementioned concerns. A notification providing a direct link to the recorded non-compliance is sent both inside the TRACES platform and via email to the NPPO’s designated contact persons who have been authorised access in TRACES.

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Cover letter of 02/09/2022 on updated procedure - EN
Letter of 17/12/2021 - EN
User Guide - EN
Cover letter of 02/09/2022 - FR
Guide d'Utilisation - FR
Cover letter of 02/09/2022 - ES
Guia del Usuario - ES
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