Potato spindle tuber viroid

Publication Date
mer, 17 Aoû 2011, 00:00
Last Updated
août 16, 2011, 9:01 matin
Report Number
United Kingdom
Pest Id
Potato spindle tuber viroid - (PSTVD0)
Report Status
Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato) Commercial fruiting crop
Pest Status
  • Absent: pest no longer present
Geographical Distribution
One glasshouse in North of England

Two rows of approximately 100 plants in total in a glasshouse of 5,000 tomato plants grown for commercial fruit production. It is possible 22,000 plants in other glasshouses on the same site are grown from the same stock and this is being investigated. The origin of the seed of both the variety and rootstock variety and the location other crops grown from the same seed stocks are being followed up to help determine the origin of the infection and if any further crops are infected.

No immediate potential risk as material in contained glasshouse and under official eradication. Monitoring of following crop in glasshouse during 2012 found no evidence of carry-over to following crop. Declared eradicated October 2012
Contact for info
Peter Reed
Report files
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Issue keywords
Outbreak Pest status:Absent/Absence Viroids
Commodity keywords
Tomatoes, fresh or chilled

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