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2011 Guide to implementation of phytosanitary standards in forestry

Publié on ven, 18 Nov 2011, 09:10

On November 11, 2011, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published the Guide to implementation of phytosanitary standards in forestry. The guide represents a tool for countries to prevent forest-damaging pests from spreading to new areas.

Climate change, globalization, as well as the increased volume of wood products traded internationally, create new challenges for forests protection and pest management. The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has a fundamental role in developing International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) and in coordinating Regional and National Plant Protection Organizations. Mr. Yukio Yokoi, Secretary of the IPPC, explained that “all sectors in forestry ...

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The IPPC Secretariat Updates the WTO/SPS Committee

Publié on ven, 11 Nov 2011, 09:10

On 18-19 October, 2011, the IPPC Secretariat reported to WTO/SPS Committee on the major developments related to the core activities of the IPPC, as well as on the activities of the CPM.

The purpose was to provide stakeholders the opportunity to take advantage of the information provided. Specifically, the report emphasised the period July-October 2011 and summarized the principal issues addressed during those four months. The highlights of the IPPC Secretariat's report included:

The IPPC Standard Setting process has been reviewed for the third time and modifications have been recommended for CPM consideration in 2012

Thanking those countries ...

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Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS) ISPM-6: Guidelines for Surveillance

Publié on mer, 09 Nov 2011, 09:10

Dear IPPC Contact Points,

The Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS) has been asked to conduct an exercise by the Standards Committee (SC) to identify challenges with implementation of ISPM6- Guidelines for Surveillance.

In this respect, we will be conducting a series of workshops later this year and early next year to compile challenges and best practices around the globe on implementation of ISPM6. For more information on the workshops please follow this link:

We are at the same time conducting a global survey using a standard questionnaire. The results of the ...

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2011 SPTA working group: reviewing strategies for an effective action

Publié on lun, 07 Nov 2011, 09:10

The 2011 Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance (SPTA) working group meeting took place on 4-7 October in Rome, Italy. The open-ended meeting covered several important issues related to the core activities of the IPPC – standard setting, information exchange, capacity building, and international cooperation.

In particular, the working group discussed the new overall IPPC strategic framework, with particular focus on the development of new strategies related to resource mobilization and communication; the proposed strategies will be discussed in the Seventh Session of Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM7) meeting in 2012 for possible adoption.

Regarding the standard setting process, two main issues ...

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