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Expert Consultation on Draft Diagnostic Protocols on IPP is now open.

Publié on ven, 24 Jan 2014, 15:01

The 2014-01 Expert Consultation on Draft Diagnostic Protocols on IPP is now open for: • Xanthomonas fragariae (2004-012) • Sorghum halepense (2006-027) The closing date is 24 March 2014. If you are interested in commenting, please access the expert consultation on draft DPs webpage. In order to download and comment on a draft diagnostic protocol, please email to to request access to the protocol you are interested in. In your email, please specify: 1. Your institution, 2.The draft protocol you want to comment upon, 3.Your specific expertise in relation to this draft protocol. The draft diagnostic protocols ...

Tags: Expert COnsultationDraft Diagnostic ProtocolsDPs
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Secretary of IPPC meets Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

Publié on mer, 22 Jan 2014, 16:20

On Tuesday, 14 January 2014, Mr. Yukio Yokoi, Secretary of IPPC visited Dr Shinichi Yokoyama, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. In the meeting, the Secretary explained recent developments and other IPPC activities as well as its potential roles in the future. The Secretary also expressed appreciation for the continuous contributions from Japan. Dr. Yokoyama fully recognized the importance of the IPPC and expressed his interests in activities to harmonize phytosanitary measures with international standards. The Secretary also stressed the importance of Japan’s future contributions to the IPPC in many aspects, but particularly in ...

Tags: Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and FisheriesJapan
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CPM Rules of Procedure with recent amendments now available

Publié on mer, 22 Jan 2014, 16:15

The CPM Rules of Procedure recently approved are now available. As you recall, the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) adopted amendments to its Rules of Procedure at its Eighth Session, which was held in Rome in April, 2013. The IPPC Secretariat would like to inform the Contracting Parties that, on 8 November 2013, the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations approved the amendments as attached, in accordance with Rule XIV of the Rules of Procedure of the CPM. The amendments to the Rules came into force on the date of the approval, i.e ...

Tags: CPMRoP
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Bureau Update

Publié on lun, 13 Jan 2014, 18:35

Dear colleagues, It has been some time since the last Bureau update but this does not mean that the work has stopped. I hope you’ve had a good summer or a tolerable winter. This note is to let you know what the Bureau and Secretariat have been doing since the last note and to provide some reminders. Additionally you may want to see the report the Secretariat prepared for October’s Bureau and SPG meeting - I hope you will join me and the rest of the Bureau in welcoming Lesotho and South Sudan as the 180th and 181th member ...

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