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EWG on Cut Flowers and Branches (2008-005)

Publié on jeu, 26 Jui 2014, 17:31

Last week, the IPPC Secretariat facilitated an Expert Working Group (EWG) meeting for Cut Flowers and Branches (2008-005) which took place in Arusha, Tanzania from 16 to 20 June 2014. These experts met to develop a standard on the international movement of cut flowers and branches. The experts contributed with discussion papers and all tasks laid out in the specification 56 were thoroughly discussed. By the conclusion of the meeting, a consensus had been reached on all the issues raised during the discussion and on the draft standard. The EWG members were satisfied that the standard will help harmonize many ...

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CPM Bureau started its June meeting 2014

Publié on mar, 24 Jui 2014, 16:50

The first day of the 4-day CPM Bureau meeting (24-27 June 2014) started with a discussion of various issues, in particular standard setting. The meeting is being led by the new Chairperson, Ms Kyu-Ock Yim, with the three new members also fully involved. Another core issue to be discussed is the improvement of overall IPPC implementation.

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IPPC Financial Committee

Publié on lun, 23 Jui 2014, 19:50

The meeting of the IPPC Financial Committee took place on 23 June 2014 in Rome, which was opened by the new Chairperson, Mr John Greifer, after the recent reshuffling of the members. The Committee discussed various financial issues, including the financial report, resource mobilization (efforts, results and potential activities) as well as the financial implications of ongoing IPPC activities such as the ISPM15 symbol registration. The IPPC Financial Committee was established as a part of the IPPC Resource Mobilization Strategy, which was adopted by CPM-7, in March 2012.

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The report from the 4th meeting of the Capacity Development Committee (CDC) is now posted!

Publié on lun, 23 Jui 2014, 16:44

The fourth meeting of the Capacity Development Committee was held in the Hague, the Netherlands between the 2nd -6th of June 2014. The full report is available here.

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New Project post vacancies

Publié on jeu, 05 Jui 2014, 15:49

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is announcing two project post vacancies in the area of Implementation, Capacity

development and Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS). The vacancy announcement is posted at:

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