Compiled member comments and formal objections are posted

Publié on mer, 07 Mar 2012, 09:10

The IPPC Secretariat is now in the final stages of preparation for CPM-7 (2012). CPM members were requested to submit their comments on draft standards (regular process) and formal objections (special process) 14 days prior to CPM. We have now compiled the comments and formal objections and these are posted as Information papers on the CPM-7 (2012) site of the IPP (

Compiled member comments are posted under Agenda item 08.01.02: • CPM 2012/INF/09: Attachment 1: Draft ISPM Integrated measures for the production of plants for planting in international trade (2005-002) • CPM 2012/INF/11: Attachment 2: Draft ISPM Systems approach for pest risk management of fruit flies (Tephritidae) (2004-022) • CPM 2012/INF/12: Attachment 3: Draft revision of Supplement 1 to ISPM 5. Glossary of phytosanitary terms: Guidelines on the interpretation and application of the concepts of “Official control” and “Not widely distributed” (2005-008). • CPM 2012/INF/13: Attachment 4: Amendments to ISPM 5. Glossary of phytosanitary terms (1991-001)

Compiled formal objections are posted under Agenda item 08.01.03: • CPM 2012/INF/08

Please consider the compiled member comments in your preparation for CPM-7 (2012).




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