Market Access: A Guide for NPPOs

Publié on jeu, 24 Oct 2013, 11:22

Italy , October 2013 — The IPPC Secretariat launches a manual on Market Access: a guide to phytosanitary issues for national plant protection organizations. The IPPC Secretariat launched the manual at the Workshop on SPS-related market access challenges & opportunities, organized by World Trade Organization (WTO-SPS) last week. This manual on Market Access provides a guide to phytosanitary issues for national plant protection organizations, with the objective to provide information and context on phytosanitary aspects of market access negotiations. The manual describes a process that can be followed to gain market access with the least hindrance to trade but, at the same time, preventing the introduction and spread of pests into new areas. The manual covers: 1. Rights and obligations of the NPPOs as they apply to trade in plants and plant products. 2. A practical guide for achieving market access; and 3. Maintaining trade The Market Access guide is of importance to the NPPOs because: (i) trade creates new opportunities and welfare for countries, (ii) phytosanitary issues are key factors in the decisions on allowing trade, (iii) phytosanitary import requirements need to be established in a transparent and participate way, (iv) it increases the capacity of the IPPC membership to undertake the necessary procedures to negotiate market access. Please find the Market Access manual here. For more information, contact




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